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Ashley is a freelance videographer and filmmaker currently working in the Jacksonville and Miami, Florida areas. She recently received her Bachelor's in Film at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. Her degree gave her experience with camera operation, directing, editing, sound design, motion graphics, visual effects, and producing. She is available for hire, and has many interests, including surfing, snowboarding, basketball (Miami Heat!), beauty/skincare, music, comedy, anything outdoors, and more. 

Ashley's work has been recognized by NW Documentary, KEX Portland, the PSU School of Film, and NYC's Hip Hop Film Festival. She is grateful to her professors and mentors for all the teachings and resources they provided her.

Oh, and one of Ashley's professors left her this note on a producing final. (I just loved the note so much I had to put it on my website and break the fourth wall to let you know that!)



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